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    Magic Tape – A-Shape

    Blue-Liner 1x3 inch. Super adhesive adheres for 2-4 weeks attachment. For all types of hair systems. Packaging 36 Tapes per bag.
    $6.50 $4.50
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    Men’s Fitting Kit (refundable)

    An easy way to make your own hair system pattern. Packaging:
    • 1 Sizing Cap
    • 44-Hair Color Sample Chart
    • Instructions
    • Hair System Brochure
    • Accessory Brochure
    • Order Forms
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    Mini Comb Clip

    For perfect attachment of your hair system simply sew 3 clips on the foundation of the hair systems (1 left side, 1 right side, 1 in the back), put hair system on and fix combo clips in remaining tufts of hair, press firmly against the hair until hair system fits in sugly - ready! Hair system base should be ½" larger on each side and on the back to attach clip.
    $3.00 $0.99
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    NOTape Silicone Bonding Glue

    1oz Tube for 4 week Bonding of Hair systems
    $24.00 $17.99
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    Special Hair System Brush

    Handy, small and practical. Specially designed for hair system users. No static electricity. Easy and gentle brush of natural and synthetic hair. For a more natural look of your hair than is possible with a comb! Help hair system retain its natural waves and body. Packaging: 1 brush in bag.
    $7.00 $4.90
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    Super Adhesive Solvent

    Extremely good solvent for all bonded hair systems (a very good shampoo and cleansing is necessary for all bonded systems; otherwise an adhesive tape will no longer stick to the base because this product is slightly oily). Packaging: 1 bottle, 4 oz (117 ml)
    $8.99 $4.99
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    Synthetic Fiber Softener

    Makes synthetic hair feel soft like human hair! Prevents fuzz, eliminates dryness, holds curl and body longer. Maximum color guard protection. Excellent for cutting in new hairpieces. Packaging: 4 oz (117 ml) in a spray bottle.
    $11.99 $6.90
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    Tiger Roll

    Very strong - ideal for do-it-yourself bonding (good up to 4 weeks). "Transbase" hair systems needs 1-sided tape #114 first! 108"x1" (5 meters x 2.5cm) Packaging: 1 roll
    $14.90 $9.90
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    Tiger Strips

    For up to 4-week attachment. Slightly curved, very strong! For all hair systems. ¾" x 1½". Packaging: 24 per bag.
    $5.99 $3.99
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    Trans Roll

    Transparent 108x1 inch (5m x 2.5cm). Powerful holding power! Can be cut to any length required therefore good value and practical! Packaging 1 roll of 1"x108 inch
    $3.99 $1.99
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    Trans Tape

    For 1-day attachment. Transparent 1x3 inch (2.5cm x 7.5cm). Recommended for all types of hair systems, expect Transbase. Packaging: 36 Tapes per bag.
    $4.00 $1.99
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    Trans Tape – A-Shape

    For 1-day attachment. Transparent for the entire forhead region with just one single A-shaped adhesive strip. For all hair systems, except Transbase. Packaging: 36 strips per bag.
    $4.00 $1.99