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Thank you for taking the time to read about our mission!

HPH Corporation was founded with the goal to provide top quality – yet, affordable hair replacement systems for men and women worldwide via mail-order.

We proudly stand by our guarantee for your satisfaction of our products. With 50+ years of being in this business, we have a wealth of experience and plethora of knowledge we want to share with our HPH Customer family. We have traveled around the globe to find the highest skills in the hair replacement industry. Each system is hand-tied with the best hair and base materials available and we are proud to make that known! Bodo Knoche is not only the creator of this company, he is his own best customer! And now his Son, Norman, is a customer as well as being a part of the family business.

“We don’t just sell hair – We wear it too!”

Bodo. President, Founder and Customer, too!


50+ years

We have a wealth of experience and plethora of knowledge we want to share with you.

Best Price

We ARE the factory, not a distributor or “Middle-Man”! – Why pay more for less?

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Ed Lockwood

Ed LockwoodRetail Customer

May I take this time to thank you for your prompt and professional service. My order arrived exactly as we discussed. I am very pleased. Your company is the bench mark all USA industries should use as standard. This is the reason I continue to return and remain loyal.

Josh M.

Josh M.Retail Customer

If I had known about this toupee right at the beginning of my hair loss, I would have been her customer for four years and could have saved myself a lot of frustration.

Bob B

Bob BRetail Customer

As expected, two more excellent Sensation systems!

I have friends who have been wearing high priced, well-crafted pieces for years. The problem is that too often, the cut-in and styling leaves the appearance of a quantity of detached hair used to augment a personal’s natural hair. They never know what to expect each time they need a system. You are the reason I keep coming back, HPH is lucky to have you.

Bob F.

Bob F.Retail Customer

Even in strong winds, the hair falls completely natural and does not stand out anymore.

Ken Zuman

Ken ZumanRetail Customer

I have been a longtime customer of Bodo/HPH corp. I have many of the hair pieces, I find them stylish and durable. Recently I was introduced to his latest creation, the tapeless hair piece “Prodigy”. It is remarkable. I just place it on my head, pat it down and “wala” I’m ready. It doesn’t lift or fly up when I’m riding my motorcycle. Simple maintenance!


All regular prices include Consultation, Cut and Style by one of our Professional Hair Replacement Specialists. All prices listed on this website are our Hair Replacement Studio prices only! All prices are subject to change without notice! Sale or special offer prices may not include cut and style of hair systems. Please give us a call for more information.

Please remember that any Hair System can be custom made to absolutely any specifications that you provide for us, we just have to know exactly what you want for us to make. We are the manufacturer, we do not outsource from other companies or go through distributors. We are the distributor, so please let us know with any questions or requests that you may have.

*Any estimate of lifetime expectancy is approximate. We cannot guarantee how long any hair system will last due to the care, maintenance, wear and tear of the hair system is solely dependent on the customer. We do make our systems to the highest quality possible using the best materials on the market. We recommended that every customer always have at least two hair systems, so that it is possible to “rotate” use and have a “spare” in case something does need to be repaired.